Dear Patients

We are proud to be part of the national GP workforce delivering 12 million appointments per day.

The latest Data from NHS Digital shows that there were:

- Almost 5 million more GP appointments in March 21 than the month before

- Nearly 3 million more GP appointments than in the same month two years ago

- Over 12 million appointments delivered in GP on the same day in March 21

This increase does not include the vaccination program we are delivering locally.

The escalation in workload across primary care is something we are acutely aware of at MSHC.   We are working flat out and appreciate it is sometimes difficult to make contact with us at certain times due to the volume of calls we are taking, which is currently averaging at between 800 and a 1,000 per day. 

If you’re trying to contact us for a routine query or issue – why not, try using eConsult (, or SystmOnline (web access to services such as booking appointments, ordering your medication) or telephone in the afternoon when the demand is lower.  If you feel it is urgent please bear with us we will get to you as soon as we can.

We want to thank all our patients who have been so understanding and respectful of the pressure we as a practice, and the NHS in general, have been under.  The positive feedback we have received is really appreciated. We have the same desire to get back to normal and share the same frustrations as you.

All our practice team will speak to you in a courteous way and we really appreciate it when you treat us in the same way. 

For those few patients who feel it is their right to talk abusively to our professional telephone team, well we are sorry, you don’t have that right.  We will record any abusive conversations and will take steps to stop the verbal abuse including de-registering patients.

Help us help you…….

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

MSHC Partners

e-Consultations – an additional service for patients.    If you wish to book an appointment on line, click on the Appointments button above.   Telephone contact: if you prefer to contact the Practice by telephone, please do so on the numbers above.

Concerned about domestic abuse?

For some people home may not feel like the safest place to be right now but are faced with no option. Please see the links below for help, information and advice. Please also know that you can ring the surgery or police for further assistance if needed.