6th Nov

Afternoon Closure - Wednesday 27th November 2019

Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks and Ditchling will be closed from 12.30pm and will not re-open again until 8.30am Thursday 28th November. 

Please note that all three surgeries will be closed from 12.30pm and will not reopen until the following day as our GPs will be undertaking educational training arranged by our Clinical Commissioning Group ("CCG").  Our CCG has arranged for out of hours cover, so if you dial our normal number after 12.30pm (01273 834388) you will automatically be re-directed to our out of hours provider.  Out of hours staff will arrange for home visits for those with very urgent needs.  For non-urgent needs, please simply call us the day after our training.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but this training is mandatory and ensures that we can continue to provide up-to-date and safe care for all our patients.


30th Sep

Important Changes To How We Handle Your Personal Data

We will soon be required to supply your personal and confidential medical information to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). This information will be taken from the practice in a form that can identify you. The practice has NO choice but to allow the HSCIC to extract this information. However, individual patients can instruct their practice to stop the transfer of their data. For more information on the reasons for this data extract and how to opt out of sending your confidential information ask the receptionist for a leaflet or go to the website at

30th Sep

NHS Health Checks

As a practice we have elected to not offer NHS Health Checks for 40-74 year olds because of the lack of evidence of benefit, and the risks of detecting 'illness' that would not cause any harm. The recent Cochrane review of 14 trials (with 182,880 participants) demonstrates this clearly, and includes an excellent plain language summary.

Furthermore, we believe this to be a waste of public resources, not targeting the population who stand to benefit the most. Please read the Cochrane review link above for an explanation of the science behind this decision.

30th Sep

Patient Online Accesss - SystmOnline and Smartphone Apps

Patient Online Smartphone Apps

Please see links below to SystmOnline for patients smartphones and tablets (one for Apple and one for Android).

Apple iPhones and iPads:

For Android devices:

Logging into Systm Online for the first time

You should have been given a username and temporary password by the receptionist after they have activated your account. You will need to log in to your new account before midnight in order to set a new password.

In order to log into your account you will need to go to the web address on your letter and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the logo.

You will then be prompted to enter your username and password and should then be directed to update your password.

Should you have any problems logging in or forget your password at any time please bring photo ID to the reception desk and ask for a password reset.